Kami macOS app icon. The app icon depicts a white, creased, rectangular paper with blue lines printed on it.


Kami is a little macOS app for Origami Studio that lets you create JavaScript Patches using GPT-4.

Think of it as a Prototyping Copilot for Origami Studio, or think of it as a tiny, rudimentary code editor that lets you generate and edit JavaScript patches without leaving the Origami canvas.

Kami is free; you'll bring your own OpenAI API key.


Kami's app icon is a play on the original Origami Studio icon and depicts a crease pattern from which a Crane origami figure can be folded.

Kami's macOS app icon in the macOS dock, next to the Finder and Origami Studio macOS icon.


Luke Haddock, George Kedenburg III and Matthew Mang (et al.) for their previous explorations and experiments around Origami and GPT-3/4.